Press Kit

Game Released December 29, 2023

Embark on an epic adventure, conquer maps, acquire mighty powers, and gear up for an ultimate showdown with the formidable Overlord Wizard. Your destiny unfolds in this captivating journey!

With every map you conquer, unlock a treasure trove of new abilities and powers, enabling you to unleash devastating attacks. As you continue to grow in strength and skill, transform into an indomitable force of nature, capable of bending the very elements to your will.

Gameplay Tips:
  • Single-player

  • Steam Achievements

  • Full controller support

  • Steam Cloud



Key Features:

1. Collect experience and items; they serve as your strategic cards.
2. Strengthen and level up your weapons for increased effectiveness.
3. Customize weapons through diverse upgrade paths for tactical advantage.
4. Upgrade and refund power-ups to optimize your combat strategy.
5. Experience thrilling animated super attacks that deliver goosebumps in the heat of battle.

Spellbound Survivors